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Hello, I have a 2003 Nissan frontier 3.3l with a 5speed manual transmission. I recently just got it back from having an engine rebuild but it came with a high idle issue. The cel turned on for the throttle body sensor, I checked it out and one of the connectors had water so I replaced it and the idle got better but when I shift it into gear the rpms go up and if I move the shifter side to side in neutral the rpms drop. Another thing is sometimes it's hard to get it into first gear or it's hard to shift. I replaced the clutch mid 2021 and had no issues but I had the mechanic install a new clutch while the engine was out(clutch has lifetime warranty) and now it's given me this issue. Could it be that he didn't install the clutch right or my transmission is going bad? Any help I appreciate. Thanks
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