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High Milage TIRES

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I just a new job where I work out of my Vehicle pretty much and will be putting 25-30k per yr on my Frontier. I am about to need new tires and the stock ones suck. Anybody know What kind of tire I can get that will last about 50-60k before replacing them and has good WET/Dry traction?
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My uncle has around 84k on his 07 4 banger frontier with the stock generals. I'm amazed they've lasted that long. They're just about to the wear bars towards the center of the tread, but they have to stay over-inflated to keep the TPMS from lighting up (around 40psi front and back).

I'd go with the revos if you want any offroad ability. For just pavement though the michelins do look like they might give a little better mileage, both gas and tread haha.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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