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Hids with aftermarket projectors

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I have a 8000k hid kit on my 05 fronty. I want to put some projector lenses o. But i dont know if they will work with my hids, any thoughts?
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A lot of members have this set-up. Just beware that most believe that it lowers the light output and you are still going to blind people. I am not sure if it will be less blinding then what it is now but it may be more..

Have you looked into the proper way of putting HIDs into the Frontier's housing. Retrofitting projectors and doing it the right way?
A true retrofit is where you take a set of HID/Projectors from an OEM vehicle (g35/37 or m45 or etc...) and fit them into your oem housing. This requires baking the headlight to split it. Then cutting it up so the projector unit will fit. Then re-baking to re-assemble. It is the only real way as of right now to have HIDs that don't cause issues for other drivers.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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