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hid question?

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i heard about this website called and was wondering if anyone heard or had there kits?
also how do you adjust your headlights mine seem to be pointing towards the ground?
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not to sure about that site but how you adjust the headlights is with the round metal gear looking thing in the back of the headlight housing. I think clockwise is up and counterclock is down.
X2 on adjustments like 959frontier said.

I had plug-in HID kits before and wasn't impressed by it. Hence, I retrofitted mine.
what does retrofitted mean? and thank you for the info on the adjusting part
Longman Dictionary:

ret-ro-fit: to improve a machine, piece of equipment, building etc by putting new and better parts in it after it has been used for some time


As far as HID retrofit meaning, I took projector HIDs and made it fit in the Frontier headlight's housing.
so what is the purpose of a relay on the hid kit? do you need this part or not?
The relay is so the lights draw power directly from the battery and don't burn up the factory headlight wiring. Yes you do need it.
thanx ryan for the help i will defiently get the relays
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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