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Hello, everyone! After always checking out the site for advice on stuff, I finally decided to make an acct. You guys are pretty helpful! (I was referencing 2 threads tonight. haha)

I've had my 2012 since 2013... got it used & still under warranty. I've driven a lot of different vehicles through work, but I personally have always driven a truck. My first truck was a '95 Mazda B4000. I ran it to 220K, then sold it when I left the country. During this time, my ex had 2 Frontiers that were great. While we were out of the country, we had a VW Amarok and a Chevy. When I came back years later, I discovered they don't make Mazda B Series anymore, so I knew that it had to be a Nissan for me. Drives like a dream, and although I've been used to manual transmissions for years, I love that this truck handles the same way when I punch it (if necessary) that it would if I could downshift manually. I hope to keep this baby in shape forever... I'm here to learn. ::grin::

For clarity, my name is pronounced: "am-uh-ris"
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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