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Hey there! Been a long time lurker of the forums here, used a lot of the posted guides to help me modify and maintain my frontier. Figured it's about time I join!

I have a 2015 SV 4x4 CC LB. I decided to buy it for my first "new" vehicle after owning a 1994 D21 MT 4x4. I really regretted selling the d21, and was in the market for a new vehicle. I found a good deal (25kcad, 40k kms) on the d40. It also came with the sliding bed and canopy

It hasn't given me any real issues aside from small things when it came to putting in a lift (cutting out the old cam bolts) sucked). I'm currently running the RC 2.5" spacer lift with SPC UCA's. I'm looking to upgrade to Rancho lift shocks and some heavy duty leafs(4/1) from General spring. I'd like to titan swap eventually but it's currently out of the budget. The drop brackets and weight from tools/canopy seemed to have flattened my leafs.

Here are some pics of the D40 and old ones of my D21

I'm looking forward to contributing here and learning some more things along the way!

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hi and welcome
Welcome! I've seen a few old D21's around here with the same red paint. I think two are still going strong!
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