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Hi from Quebec Canada

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I'm new here!
I brought 2017 Frontier Sv Premuim.
Need information about TPMS sensor reset on my trcuk.
Hope to find i need
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Yes I did it, but look like it's different for 2017 Frontier. On youtube or in the tread here, when you put the key on and all light are on, the tpms light is not suposse to blink. Mine blink. After grounding 6 times , non change still blinking.
It's why I ask for a diffrent procedure for 2017 Frontier? Or someone can confirm it's the same as older version.
Prior to grounding it 6 times, you need to set the tire pressures as listed in the TPMS thread, then go for a drive and get over 35kph for a stretch. It will not reset any other way.

Welcome from the West Coast - I've been to Quebec City many times, very pretty city.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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