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Howdy doody.

Came here looking for info on upgrading the radio in my Frontier. Found a great thread from ghdecastro on upgrading a 2015 Frontier without navi to include navi and a backup camera.

I have a 2011 crew cab pro4x. Bought the truck in Houston TX back in early November. Long story but I thought I did enough research on it, even had a guy local look at it for me. Made it 150 miles north of Houston and the transmission blew up. Used car dealer I bought it from, seemed like a nice one, nothing cheap/run down on their lot, told me sucks to you be; sold as is. Bought a used tranny off ebay from LKQ with 24k miles on it, far below the 97k the truck had on it when I bought it. Put it in myself and it has been doing good ever since.

I bought a stock radio from a 2014 Frontier on ebay and will be doing my own swap. Radio in the truck currently is ok but I REALLY want bluetooth audio for my phone, not just phone call bluetooth.

Years ago I had a 91 hardbody, an SE, king cab, 4x4, 5 speed. Loved the truck and wish I never sold it. Had an Acura Vigor for a little bit after that, then an Integra, 97 Pathfinder (loaded), and now back in a Frontier. Love the power this truck has. Did a little bit of off roading in it last fall during deer season climbing up an nasty US Forestry road. Wish the rear end would lock without putting it in 4-low. Other than that it handled great and climbed right up the road. Tried the hill decent on the way down, kinda cool but I don't see myself using it.

Starting to get some rattles and clunks in the front end but it still drives straight. Thinking struts and maybe some bushings need to be replaced.
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