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Hi all! :)

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Phil here, from Greensburg, PA. Not actually a Frontier owner, but our company has several of them. Signed up on here for information, and to sell some parts that we have accumulated. Thanks!
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Hi Phil, Williamsport, Pa here, welcome to the club.
Oh Phil I have some bad news.
The link in your signature is a no-no here on CF.

Per the rules linked in my sig:

Signatures should not be so big that they cause the site to display incorrectly. Images in signatures are permitted but should not exceed 500 pixels in width and 300 pixels in height. If you have a large picture in your signature you should limit the text lines to only 2 lines. Signatures may only list info about your truck and/or other vehicles you own. No for sale items may be listed in your signature. No info in your signature, profile, or avatar that is contrary to the general forums rules (political, religious, etc). No links to vendors or commercial sites of any kind unless you are a paying sponsor. Signatures and profiles may only contain links to your personal site (such as MySpace or CarDomain) or auto clubs (such as NOAS, LINXC, ENCXC). Links or references to other internet forums are not allowed in your signature."

Please do me a favor and remove that link.
I hope you understand, thanks.
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No problem. I just wanted people to know we were legit when posting in the Parts For Sale forum. I'll remove it :).
Thank you very much.
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