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Hi all

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New member here. I own a 2007 2WD Storm Gray SE Crew cab shortbed that now has a little over 24K on it. I bought it new and I've been lurking on these forums from time to time since then, haha. Great site you have here - by far the best Frontier forum I've seen. If you want to know a little about me, I'm 30, live in Orange County, CA, like to go mountain biking(a large reason why I wanted a truck), and I also own a 2001 Mustang Bullitt GT.

Anyway, my truck is stock - nothing to report in terms of mods but I love it. This is my second truck, as I used to own a '93 Chevy S-10. Even though that truck had the big 4.3L in it, it's amazing to me how far trucks have come in every aspect of driving dynamics since then. I test-drove a Dakota, Tacoma and Explorer Sport Trac before deciding on the Frontier. The acceleration, stopping power, Utili-trak bed and ride quality are really what made me favor the Frontier. Well, I'm not a huge message board kind of guy so I won't be too frequent of a poster, but I look forward to our conversations and will definitely contribute my own experiences with the truck and answer questions when I can. See ya 'round!

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Welcome to Club Frontier Danny.

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Welcome to the club!
Welcome and enjoy.
Welcome, it's better to participate than to lurk. There is much to share here.

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