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I tried to place this in DIY or general, but the website won't let me for some reason, maybe because I'm new. My apologizes for putting this here.

I discovered my 2013 4.0l Frontier (115K) needs a timing chain and I'm looking at doing it myself. I have a couple quick questions that I haven't been able to answer with search. After exerting the effort to get to the chain, I'm planning on replacing everything in there. The tool for compressing the tensioners, J-50246 is listed as essential, and comes with the pins to hold the tensioner squished down after compressing it. If I am replacing all the tensioners, is it safe to assume that they will come from the factory pre-compressed and that I won't need to buy the tool? Additionally as I have a 6-speed manual is it possible to put the vehicle in gear after rotating the engine to TDC and skip buying the fly wheel lock tool J-48761 (I'm guessing this answer is no). Even not buying one of the tools would be nice on the pocket book.

Thanks for any info. I've been reading a ton from this site and it's been very helpful.

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