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Hi, 07 SE 4x4. Need some wheel help.

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Hi, I just found this site because I'm looking to put some bigger wheels and tires on my truck, but finding wheels that will fit has proven to be a real PITA.
I currently have the PRG 2.5 spacers in the front and 1.5 in the rear. Magnaflow dual exhaust(1 into 2), K&N Intake system, and tinted widows.

About the wheels though, Does anyone know if I can run a -10 offset without messing anything up. I want to put on the XD 778 Monster in black in an 18in wheel. I have a guy that says he gets the blanks and can drill them to my lug pattern in a -10 offset, and says I shouldn't have to worry about the brake caliper rubbing. Anyone know if this is true, or will work?
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