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Hey there from TN

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Hey there I have a 1998 Frontier King Cab XE with 215k currently....I am looking for help with a leak where the Headliner and windshield meet on the drivers side.
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The guys in the 1st Gen hangout should be able to help you. Also, be sure to click on the link in my signature for general info on your (generation) truck.
Welcome to the club.

Like igbar said, head over here and post your question with as much detail as possible.

Tons of knowledgeable people on this board, somebody will be able to give you suggestions/advice.
Most trucks by that age have had the windshield replaced. If so go to a glass shop and have them redo it. It's either there or a pin hole of rust is letting it in. Good luck.


Welcome to the club from a fellow Tennessean!
i have the same exact leak, ive called safelite about 5 different times and they just cant seem to fix it. you may want to take out the headliner because the water can ruin the actually board thing that the fabric is abholstered to. happened to me. they are about 100 and something bucks to replace and are a pita to find
They have been out 6 times in the last 4 months and finally replaced the windshield. It still leaks and they are a pain to deal with.
My dad has an old Taco. It does the same thing.

He took a few packs of matches, and jammed them between the windshield and frame, and it kinda pinched it somehow, and it stopped. lol.

Good luck man and welcome to the club!
Welcome to the club.

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