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Hey , ive been throwing up the idea of selling my xterra and getting a 05+ frontier. figured this was the place to come.

i have a few question..
Whats the best lift to go with for fronty

i was looking at the fabtech 6 inch lift. what do you have to change along with the lift (brake lines drive shaft ,,etc)

thanks guys!

oh yeah heres pic of my X


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Welcome to the club! Nice X!

As far as lifts are concerned, there are a bunch of different options. The Fabtech lift is looked down on by some just because it is DB lift. I don't like it because of the fact that the lift is gained primarily by using spacers and blocks. If I were to ever get it, I would add coilovers (see PRG) and replace the rear springs and shackles. I assume (from seeing the above pics) that you are going to want a 4x4, which limits you to 3" or less in suspension lift without a DB kit because you will start to run into CV issues. Being that I'm just 2wd I would just go with spindles, coilovers, UCAs, and new springs/shackles. There truly are a lot of different options out there for lifting, it all depends on your budget and what you want to do offroad. Just my $0.02...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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