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New to the forum, need some advice. I have a 2008 Frontier SE 4x4 . LOve it LLLLOOOOVVVEEE it. Have had little to no problems with it in the 5 years Ive owned it. It recently began making a rotating squeaking sound from the rear area. Narrowed down to definitely a drive train issue. (noise stops in neutral)
The noise originally seemed to be coming from the transfer case where the pinion exits to the drive shaft. A good soaking with W-D40 made it go away for a while , months actually. The noise is now back accompanied by a slight vibration in the rear between 50 and 60 mph. Also the dose of WD-40 is not working.
Im stuck on whether to replace drive shaft as well as pinion and rear propeller all in one with U joints already on it. But was wondering what all I can replace without getting into transfer case and the pumpkin?
Does this lend itself to being a bearing issue?
Let me know what you think

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Out of balance would make for a vibration that would be felt (if it were fairly OUT), they may just need replacing

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