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Hey guys, new from los angeles area

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heyyy found this forum awhile back, never really decided to post till today

I have a 2005 nismo frontier 4x4
love my truck.... her name is elizabeth
BFG Goodrich allterrain
MetalAlloy rims
3inch Calmini spacers (Want the 5inch lift)
AirRaid cold air intake
Aftermarket speakers w/ 6inch sub
other stuff I can't think of off hand... haha

Have a good one!
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Ranch Cucamonga is a good hour away from LA..

welcome to the club..
I worked in Venice and had a guy commute from Rancho.. 3 hours each way.. he said taking the train and bus was worth it to save millage on his car, and he could read and stuff on the train.

My truck is in Rancho being built.. I think you being in SoCal and look like your in to dirt sports would be happy doing a titan swap then a 5 inch lift.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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