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Hey folks..

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New member with an 05 electric blue LE with paint peeling... Going to the dealer soon to try to start the repair process. I've owned it since new and it was purchased in August of '05. I also have an extended warranty, so I'm hoping I can get Nissan to fix it for me.
This truck also has the engine rattle when it's cold outside. Keeps up for awhile as I drive then goes away. Reminds me of a old Chevy six with a stubborn lifter.

Other than that, it's been a pretty good truck.

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Welcome aboard.
You just found the best site for everything Frontier related.
Good to have you in the community here on CF.
Welcome to the club!
One nice thing about forums is the dealer can't say "this isn't a known issue" because you could print out pages of facts.
I gave my brother a service bulletin on a repair he already paid for and Nissan reversed the $410 charge on his Visa card.

Thanks much for the replies, looking forward to reading and learning more about these trucks.

Welcome to the club. Sounds like you have a good truck.

There are quite a few on here that have that pesky cold morning engine rattle. Some get rid of it with different oils, others don't care. From what I understand, its normal and more just annoying than anything.
Welcome to Club Frontier.

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bwarren can tell you all about his electric blue re-paint. I wonder if your trucks were produced at about the same time and there was something up w/ the electric blue paint at the time.
Good question, his pictures look exactly like what's happening with mine, but to a greater degree. In time, I think mine will be as severe as his was.
Thanks for your reply,

welcome! love the electric blue. have fun exploring the site
Welcome and enjoy.
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