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Hey all

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Hey folks. Signed papers on a 2010 Frontier SE CC over the weekend! Almost bought an F150 until I saw the 0.9 for 60 on the Frontier (that ended yesterday). Saved me almost 13 grand on the bottom line. Sure the sell price of the F 150 was within 3k of the Frontier, but the finance charges on the F150 killed the deal. So happy I went with the Nissan. Drove a Titan but preferred the Frontier actually. That's the short version of what down.

Anyway, just sayin hello. This site is an excellent source of info and saved me a couple hundred bucks already. Dealer wanted $450 to put in fog lights but after reading the thread on DIY lights I am confident I can do it on my own.

Happy to be aboard!
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welcome to clubfrontier
Welcome to the club!
Welcome! you made a great choice!
I had a Titan for three years, it was an excellent truck but actually prefer to drive the Frontier. I too have a 2010 SE.

Welcome & Enjoy !!:)
CC is the way to go, only way for me as my sig implies :) I really really wanted a 6 ft bed but there weren't any around for a dealer trade within 200 miles. Really surprised how few Frontiers are on the dealer lots and on the road. I have yet to see another in 2 days of scoutin for em.
As far as I can tell I've seen maybe 6 Frontiers 1st & 2nd gen combined in my area. Mine sort of stands out, which is cool in my book. :) As before to the OP Welcome, lots of good info here. The fog lights thread is how I stumbled upon being here myself.
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