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Here is the challenge...bum bum bum

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I have an 08 Frontier KC AT SE 4x4. I use it mostly for a daily driving, hauling kayaks, and heading out for hiking and snow shoeing.

Here is my goal. Well I am getting the feeling that I maybe pushing my luck with my truck in stock form. I am looking to have my truck set for mild to moderate off roading but still keep it as much as possible to stock highway mpg of 23. I dont intend on going to no mans land at this point so im think locals that wont require a winch.

So this is what I am thinken is in this order.

Rear diff vent mod
Calmini 2.5 block suspension lift kit
Armoring up with skid plates underneath (undecided on brand)
rocksliders (undecided on the brand) Would like something that looks sexy

Sound like a reasonable approach? At max i currently run into some muddy water that would reach the bottom doors in stock configuration. with Goodyear Wrangler rt/s p265/70r16

In the future getting some mud tires and wheels to be swapped on only when needed.

What u guys think? This is my first used to modding imports.
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where abouts in maine? i spend a lot of time in ogunquit. big tires murder mpgs. If you feel the need for a little bit of lift i would go with the bilstien 5100's. You can get a max of 2in of lift with those, they are cheap and effective
You wouldn't really need anything for the rear, it would just level out the truck. You could go with blocks, shackels, or deaver add-a-leaf(AAL) for the rear. The little bit of lift in the front would allow you to clear more agressive tires.

Check out I would say you may get hooked if you stay around here too much longer... It's a disease with modding trucks.

To what frontyfan said, lifts do not decrease gas mileage, the tires do. Spacers are nice but the shocks are better, they don't decrease space between your coilbucket and upper control arm. For mild offroading it is my opinion shocks are better than spacers. Spacers aren't worth it when there are better options... Just my 2cents is another good website to look at too. This forum will provide you with all you need to know
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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