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Here for help

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I am having trouble with my truck and me and my buddy are stumped. Figuring this is prolly the best place to find the help I need.

Driving an 05 frontier se v6 with 117k
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The Pope is on his game today. :laugh: Welcome to the Club. What issues are you having with your truck, other than a non-helpful buddy?
Cat was bad. Changed that out but during test drive it stalled. Started back up immediately and died after a short period of time. Did this repeatedly.
I was wondering about the cat after seeing the vid - it has happened to me on two vehicles now, always once it gets hot; a small piece of the honeycomb will be loose and block the exhaust, causing the back pressure and a bouncing tach (or boost gauge). Glad you got it figured out.

Turn down the sound - here was Jetta TDI bouncing around - 'replaced' the cat and all was well.

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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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