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okkay so i have a 2001 4 door, 2 wheel drive. i am wondering what is the max size of tires that i can get on if i got some 18" rims.. please help.
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HEY, Welcome to the group.

You may find it very useful to read up on the 1st gen section of the forum and it may also be elightening to you on how much infomation is out there. There is also a "search" function that kinda sucks but will allow you to read up on certain topics (like rim and tire size for both stock and lifted trucks) so that you become familar with the lingo and what the norm is around here.

After you do that, please re-do your "New Member Introductions" thread with an actual introduction instead of just asking questions that really belong in other sections.

Just an FYI: The more effort that people see that you have put into your search, the more people will feel inclined to help you. If you just show up and ask questions without any signs of trying to find the answer yourself, you will not get answers that you really want.
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