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So I was driving home yesterday and I had only been driving for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden my gauge cluster lit up like a Christmas tree. I lost power steering, my brakes went out and I got no response anytime I pushed on the gas. Luckily I was in the right lane and able to pull into an empty parking lot to safely stop (even though turning and braking was difficult). I shut the truck off for a few seconds and turned it back on with no problem. There were no lights left on my gauge cluster and I was able to make the drive home without the problem happening again.

A few days before, I was driving to my parents' house to pick up my kids and it was driving fine, then for about 15-20 seconds, I couldn't get any response from the pushing down on the gas. My RPM was dropping and I got no response. No lights on my gauge cluster came on.

Anyone else experience these problems? Any idea what it could be?

2005 Nissan Frontier Nismo 4WD
130000 miles
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that doesnt sound good.

was the truck running the entire time? or did it completely shut off?

sounds like clogged cats, or jumped timing. but those are just guesses based on 10 years of experience.

or if it shut off completely you could be looking at a bummed charging system, ecu, ipdm ect.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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