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Help With Tpms On New Aftermarket Wheels!

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Can you guys tell me if used oem sensors from '05-'10 Frontiers will work on aftermarket wheels? I just ordered Black Boss 330 20x8.5 6x114.3 wheels and am looking to buy used oem sensors to use in these wheels but I don't know if this would work. IF they fit, I shouldn't have to re-program them right? How have you all done it???
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If the rim will accept the sensor you are good to go. If you put in a used set of sensors, you will have to have it re-programmed either by the dealer or some shops have the tool required.

Why not just use your original sensors?
I just don't want to mess with the stock wheels and sensors...just in case something goes wrong. But if the used sensors are from a frontier...will I have to re-program them? They won't be programmed for any frontier '05 and up?
The sensors will have to be programmer to your truck. I just had to buy a new sensor for my truck & it had to be programmer. If you are getting different sensors, I would find out which sensor you need. My original sensors do not fit flush next to my pro comps. I believe there are two different angle sensors.
Thanks for the info!
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