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help with stop lamp fuse please!

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thanks guys for being so informative, in the past couple years this site has helped a lot. now I am unable to find a thread to match my 98's desire to burn 10 amp fuses each time I touch the brake pedal, 20 amps will survive but I figure the problem will get worse. the truck has cruise control on the steering column that seems to be part of issue. the parts store can sell me a stoplamp relay but I am guessing it is under the dash? my back doesn't like the idea of futzing with the pedal switch, may have to build a platform to lay on so I don't have to call a doctor after. also would like a recommendation for a good service manual, thanks again!
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I'm not using the truck til I get the problem solved, I put the 20 amp in to see if it would survive, only change I have made (months ago) is a stereo that works on another fuse
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