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Help with PRG AAL install

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My 13 Pro4x has been tied up at a friend's local shop. I ordered the PRG 2" spacers. 2" add a leaf, larger Bilstiens, and the cam bolt kit. No instructions were included and I can"t seem to find them on their website. My mechanic is stumped with the AAL install. Also said the factory cam bolt keeps spinning and won't come out. So Is putting the rear back together and did not install the cam bolts either. Now I have to drive an unaligned half lifted truck until this is resolved.
Does anyone have any instructions or insight on the AAL install? I searched this site and have not been able to find any info on it.
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Glad you got the AAL's squared away did you get longer Ubolts to go along with them aslo? that way you keep your overload in??? plus itll give you about another 1/2" and you cant bend your springs backwards as easy.

But to the lower bolts I'm sorry to tell you but saw your in Connecticut so you live within the Seize zone for the cam bolts there are few threads on removing them but unless you can get them out without destroying the bushing your looking at new/used(from non rusting states) lowers and cutting yours out. If you are able to get em out b4 install coat em with anti-seize that way it wont be same thing all over again

I went the cheaper router also and just did the Bilstein 5100 up front with 2608 coils and Bilstein shocks with AAL's in rear you got 2pack right for the rear ??? think they're called Deaver 2pack

Go to NTB after install might be surprised I did my alignment was fine just toe you might not even need the eccentrics. NTB offers a complimentary alignment check same as going for a alignment they just don't fix anything but give you the paperwork with an estimate of whats needed

Good luck
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