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Help! Where to get brakelines

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Hey guys, did my Titan swap today! Everything went fine but the Titan brakelines I got will not work(not long enough). I don't need ss ones, but I tried calling prg but they don't answer cause they r closed for some reason. Called AC and they could do it but it would take 4weeks!

What do I do?! I need my car back as soon as possible!!
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Just disconnect the stock lines from the "bracket" on the spindle. That will give you more than enough slack. I ran them this way for over a year until I got my extended length ss lines
IIRC, you have to pull a small clip out, and you might even have to disconnect the line and reconnect it. I havent looked at it in a while. If you do disconnect it, just be sure to bleed them. Have a friend pump the brakes, then hold the pedal down. Then open the bleeder on the caliper for a sec or two adn close it back. Then repeat about 5 times. Do both sides this way.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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