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Help! Where to get brakelines

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Hey guys, did my Titan swap today! Everything went fine but the Titan brakelines I got will not work(not long enough). I don't need ss ones, but I tried calling prg but they don't answer cause they r closed for some reason. Called AC and they could do it but it would take 4weeks!

What do I do?! I need my car back as soon as possible!!
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Found a shop that will make me custom ss lines. How long should I get em?
Well here's where I stand:
truck is on the lift at school with stock lines under a lot of stress
found a guy in town who can make me stainless steel lines for 100bucks... Same price prg lines overnighted would still be cheaper.

So I got that situation under control but how long do I need them? I told him 14inchs
what year tacoma? how long do i want them?
found those goodridge ones for 134$ for 4 lines. i only need the fronts though.

2006 Nissan Frontier Goodridge G-Stop Brake Lines
How does it come out of there? Didn't take a good look at it
It's more of a bracket. Where the steel line changes to the hose. I'll see if I can unclip it in a bit.

Just ordered prg 21 ss brakelines
1 - 8 of 17 Posts
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