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Hey guys,

New member here from Vancouver BC. I have been saving up for a bit and am finally going to purchase my first vehicle. Primary use will be a weekend adventure mobile getting out of the city and utilizing 4x4 to get to some great camping spots etc.

I found a beautiful 2004 frontier in very good condition cosmetically on the inside and out. See pics.

And the video I took at the dealer :

It has 220,000km on it.

It has 1 owner, the guy at the dealership has never taken it off-roading, and it was listed for about $9000 CAD. By email before seeing it I said the price seemed steep for 220,000km and he told me to make an offer. I said $6700 and he met at $6900.

Now- I test drove it for 10 minutes and it feels great. The thing goes. It drives well and feels really "together" if that makes sense. No loose parts or strange noises. The only thing was when I put it in reverse to turn around, when I cut the wheel all the way to the right and started backing up it made a strange noise- I wasn't sure if it just the tires rubbing hard on the pavement. I asked him and he said it was likely jus the power steering? Any thoughts there?

The vehicle had regular servicing after 160,000km ever 15,000km or so. It has been in a few collisions, mostly small things with animals. The most recent accident was in 2011 and the repairs were $5000 - but the car fax report doesn't tell us what the accident was.

I'm wondering what I should be concerned about with this vehicle? Is 220,00km the end of its life or should it still be good for a bit? What parts tend to break down? Dealer said he has a friend at a nissan dealership and he could have him inspect it once more to try and figure out more specifics of what has been serviced. I understand that timing belts need to be replaced every 160,000km or so? Anything else?

Looking for any thoughts and insights, what to expect, and what else to ask the dealership or if I should be haggling the price lower and why?

Many thanks!

I should also note that it comes with a 7 month warranty on the engine and transmission at any certified dealer in north america.
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