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HELP Small chunks of metal on rear diff. drain plug magnet.

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Newbie needs help. I changed my diff. oil today and found about 4 small chunks of metal on the magnet they are about 1-1.5 cm in length and width. I had been noticing some slight slipping, and I was not sure if it was axle wrap or U joints going out.
I'm not mechanical and I don't want to get screwed over with the needed repairs. What can I do to upgrade?
Thanks in advance
2005 NISMO KC 2WD 92,500 miles
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axle wrap or U joints?

If they flowed out of your diff drain, those are bits of your gears. Somebody been side stepping the $hit out of the clutch? Not good news. I think you have a m226, so someone will chime in on gears to be replaced.
did you pull the diff cover while it was empty to see if there were chunks missing from the gears?

got pix so we can see how big and tell you if its something to worry about?
I'll take and post pix of the chunks
make sure theres something else in the pic for scale purposes.
u got any warranty left?
Nope I didn't buy extended and I'm at 92,500 miles. What do you think is broke and how much to repair?
those are teeth from your ring gear and/or pinion. not exactly cheap. hard for me to say what it would run you. maybe someone else will chime in.

btw thats where your slip is coming from. the gears are skipping cuz theres teeth missing.
those are the teeth of gears shearing off for sure. if i'm correct your year truck with the M226 had only 2 pinion gears (someone correct me if i'm wrong) and i think these m226 rear ends have a tendency to do this. but it would seem you made it pretty long before it happened. your going to want to pull of that diff cover and take a really good look but the piece on the top right the larger one, looks by its shape to be a piece of one of the pinion gears (also called spider gears) for sure being that it has a strait surface to it and your ring gear and input pinion gears have a more curved surface to them which may be what that curved shard in the middle is from but can tell in pic. but i'd start shopping for new diff units, there are a couple of companies that make lockers and superior gears is where you can find yourself some new gear cause i'm sure they all have some bit of damage to them
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doh! those are BIG.....not good. Better pull the diff cover and find out if there are any pieces that were too big to fit out the drain hole!

probably cheapest option is to find an entire axle in a junk yard.
Thanks for the info
Toast at this point. Ouch!
So what type of axle do I try to locate from a salvage yard?
So what type of axle do I try to locate from a salvage yard?
Nissan M226.

Is that from normal wear and tear or you drive it like its hot? be honest lol.
Holy schytte, not good at all.
I will partially agree with the others and say that it is gear teeth but they may be from the spiders and not the ring/pinion. Either way thou the gears are screwed and need to be replaced but that isn't going to be easy since nobody make OEM replacement gears and the spiders are hard to find if possible at all.

Your easiest fix is going to find an axle from a junker. You should check the "what axle do I have" thread to ensure you get the correct axle with the correct ratio unless you want it with taller gears.

If you want to just replace the internals and you don't use the locker, you can invest in an TruTrac but if your ring/pinion are screwed, it won't fix your issue.

If you use your locker you can invest in an ARB air locker but its quite pricy and requires an air compressor for when you want it locked but just as the TT, if your R/P is screwed, it won't work.

I think your first step is to pull the diff cover and find out if it is the R/P or spiders and then go from there.
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