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Help save Barstow and get free stuff

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Save Barstow, get cool parts -
@@@@ Another Potential Impact to a OHV [email protected]@@@ -

Barstow is in trouble, folks...and we need to do whatever we can in order to save it, so here is what I came up with...a letter writing campaign. The more letters we write, the bigger a prize will be (from BTF)

So, here's the rundown: Read the thread on RDC ^^^ and write a letter to Roxie Trost, and Richard Rotte and copy me at: [email protected] I will hand the winner a gift certificate worth $1 per letter written, up to $1,000 for any existing BTF product(s) (no custom fabwork, sorry)

Rules: I will personally read every letter, any letters using foul language, ridiculous rantings, etc. will be disqualified at my discretion. We need to sound professional. Use good arguments why we should not allow a windmill farm company to be testing in our playground.

Winner will be determined by me drawing a name out of a entry per person, and be honest. If I find multiple letters from a single email address, you will be disqualified. This is for a good cause, so don't be a douche.

send letters to:

Richard Rotte 760-252-6025
[email protected]
Roxie C. Trost 760252-6000
[email protected]
[email protected]
This is same guy that is working on my truck. Jays truck should be in there in the next few weeks, and if some one from SoCal wants to take truck there he agreed to make us bolt on front and rear bumpers to match stock and new glass widths. So once we get a Guinea Pig in there he will have Nissan parts.. also he will be making my front long travel in to a kit. So this is a great chance to win free stuff.. other venders are also stepping up on this..
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