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Discussion Starter · #1 · to the forum and hate to start out life here with a probably stupid tech question but......

Couple days ago went out to start the truck to go to work and...nothing. And I mean nothing. Ok. Dead batt. Jump on the bike and swap it after work. Get home put new batt in and it starts right up. Happy dance!!!!

Next morning get up and...nothing. Deep growl. Not happy. Hate the world. Jump on the bike and go to work. Don't mess with it after work cause I have family stuff to do.

Saturday morning go out, lift the hood and BAM! Positive terminal is off. Doh!! I'm a rock head. Put it on and voila truck starts. Run errands with it all day. Runs fine.

Sunday afternoon. No. Freaking. Start. Batt still hooked up fine. Fuses look fine. Girlfriend looks peaved.

Any ideas on a start place would be so appreciated. I know diagnosis online is pretty much impossible but I figured I'd try this before getting raped by a shop.

1999 Frontier XE V6 4x4 with 197,000ish miles.

Thank you guys very very much!!!

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What shape are the battery cables in? After so many years battery acid might have seeped into the wires and corroded the copper. Flex the cables and see how they feel, if you notice any brittleness the cable is probably shot. Check the condition of the chassis ground and starter connections as well.
Good luck!

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check for voltage downstream of the battery. each place there is a connection
is an opportunity for a poor/loose connection. most immediate would be that
fuse block/cluster right at the POS terminal. isn't it bolted to the battery
connector, then to the battery post itself? be SURE that you've snugged down
this connection something fierce.

what happens if you connect VOM to the battery and (leaving it on) turn your
key in the ignition? if it shows, e.g. 12.5v at rest, what does it show when the
key is in momentary/START position (under load)?

presuming you have AT so inspection of clutch interlock isn't needed
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