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Help: My new JVC HU keeps shutting down

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I just installed a new JVC HU in my truck last night and thought all was well. I'm getting sound on all speakers... I thought everything was good to go, but this morning when I drove it I found out if I turned it up too much (not a lot just enough to hear clearly over the rain) it would cut out and shut itself down. It was much more sensitive to this with AUX/USB and my Ipod. The radio seemed to handle a bit more volume before it began cutting in and out and shutting off for a second.

It seems to me it's almost like it's shorting out or something?

I grounded this thing to one of the bolts behind the HU.

My one thought is, because I didn't replace the speakers maybe they're shorting out? Or maybe the HU sees they can't handle it and shuts off?

I know the stockers run 2ohms or whatever but I was hoping to run them a month before I could dump some money into speakers...

Any ideas???? Please?

Here's the unit I installed:
JVC KW-XR610 CD receiver at
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It worked totally fine with the OEM HU under any volume. And it didn't have any problems under low volume with the new HU, so I don't think its shorting between the factory harness and the speakers...
The OEM may not have had any speaker continuity protection, which most aftermarkets do. If you've got a nick in a wire somewhere that is touching metal (on any of the runs to the speakers), it may only trip into protection once there is enough current [loud volume] going through it.

If checking the harness connections doesn't show anything out of the ordinary, you might try disconnecting one speaker at a time at the headunit harness, until you stop tripping the headunit's protection. If you find a speaker causing the fault - it's time to inspect/replace the wiring to that speaker.
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