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I'm trying to replace my spark plugs and I bought a haynes manual and some tools and I'm struggling on trying to reach the bolts to take the valve covers off so that I can get to the spark plugs and also check if I need to replace the gasket.

I've been going back and forth to the nearest autozone to find tools and parts and I need to put some structure so I can do a one time go on this project so that I can drive my Frontier to college.

I have taken the intake manifold apart so I got some clearing, but the valve covers are hard because I can't really reach the bolts to loosen and lift the valve just to get to the spark plug and replace them.

My Frontier is well overdue for fluid change, a tune up, suspension checks such as replacing the shocks and grease packing for the bearings.

I just don't have a lift to go under or a garage and the only place to go to is on base to do that.

I just want to keep my engine from dying so that I can get to class and home and fix my Frontier when I have free time.

I did a diagnostics and the sensor read was the power steering, and I think the transmission timing.

I've tried putting it on the accelerator learn mode so the RPM can stay at a constant 1k RPM, it's running just 500 and dips sometimes, but I need to re read the instructions that I found on the forum so I can do it on par.

My priorities is to change the spark plug, to see if the firing can keep the engine from dying from the RPM dips, and check for broken gaskets.

Do the Accelerator learning mode at a place that doesn't irritate the local community.

Then work on the power steering later on when my Frontier can make it on base to the garage for further work and maintenance check.

Can anyone direct me how to remove the valve covers to get to the spark plugs so I can replace them, and also what are the parts lists and tools that are require?

I have a 10mm socket, an extension, an extension elbow, a wrench but the wrench is short.

I just want to make sure my engine does not become a dead block and I won't be able to have a transportation, and also I want to keep it running and maintained until I can pay it off.
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