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To all you Second Gen Owners out there, this is my first time posting on here. I recently started a website for Performance car and truck parts. I quickly decided how I wanted to stand out from the crowd and have since been getting in touch with Performance Parts Manufacture's about helping me get some new products out for my truck and other vehicles as requested through my social media and Website.

So I started local (Southern California) and with parts manufactures I would personally love to see new/better parts for our trucks made by (Spectre Performance, Flowmaster, CST Suspension, Road Armor Bumpers, just to name a few) and I recently got a Response from Spectre Performance. Here is what I am asking of you guys and gals out there that love your Frontier. I need people more interested in getting these products produced and on the market. So when I get these Company's attention they are ready to put it into production. I encourage you to not only sign up (Even if It's not a part you personally want to use) with the link provided below to get a new part produced for the Second Gen Frontier but send me the parts you would like to see (for any car or truck) and I will do my best to push their production. I will be providing my truck for fitment and Production of the Spectre Intake.

This link was provided to me by Spectre Performance in Riverside, CA

For the latest updates on progress make sure to check my website, Twitter @RicksHyperform, Facebook-RicksHyperformance, Minds- RicksHyperformance, and coming soon Youtube.
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