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Help Diagnosing Newly Discovered Light Flicker

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Hi all. I recently noticed that I have been having an intermittent flickering of the lights on my dash when toggling back and forth between the driving lights and headlights. It does not do it every time...only sometimes. I have never picked up on this before so I figured I would run it by you all to see if you had any suggestions/thoughts as to why this might be occurring. I recently installed a new battery, and checked that the connections were snug. I also recently pulled out the blower motor to make sure there wasn't any debris hiding in there after changing the cabin filters. Any thoughts you have would be much appreciated.
**I tried uploading a video but I guess it won't accept mpeg files, but I could send you a clip through email/facebook if you are that interested in being a good samaritan. ::wink::
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what ive' always thought:
parking lights are amber/orange
driving lights are clear
the frontier doesn't have driving lights
Cool. I turn them on when I am they're driving lights.
I hear you, sometimes I like to drive with them on too like if it's near dusk. It's actually not legal in most states to drive with them on without headlights (why not?!) but cops don't seem to care. I kind of wonder the reason cars even have the option to turn parking lights on without the headlights. The only use I've seen is when you remote start a vehicle and they light up, that's handy.
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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