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Help deciding on vehicle scheme and overall direction...

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Ok so I've got a red 2005 CC 4x4 Fronty that I for the life of me can't decide what overall layout I want to go with on it.

I know what I'm going with performance wise in the next week or so:
Volant Intake
Bullydog GT
Secondary Cat Delete

Unless some other option comes out I'm most likely going with the PRG advanced lift as of now or go with a setup like mike has on here.

But I'm wondering mainly about what bumpers would suit my truck best along with the possibility of doing Rhino lining on the future bumpers and fender flairs/lower doors. I'm also hung up on if I should still incorporate chrome in on the scheme or try to minimize that. Sorry if this seems like a rant, it's not meant to be by no means.

As far as bumpers are concerned I'm stuck between going all out with the Calmini bumpers or KMA. I like both looks but since I don't see myself ever purchasing a winch that isn't a deciding factor at all. I'm more leaning towards the Calmini bumpers to be honest because I like the look of them and they seem to be built as well as I'd need. The KMA front bumper is well...beefy and probably more than I really need bumper wise.

For rims I'll most likely be rocking the stockers either powder coated black or Rhinolined. Or maybe some chrome 18's....I'm really conflicted in this dilemma.

My use of my truck is daily driving, getting to my hunting spots, and random offroading. Not a rock crawler by no means. But I'll most likely go with some sliders anyways.

Any input guys?
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So what's your thoughts on the prerunner style bumpers from KMA or should I just get the regular bumpers they offer?


I'm not real sure how these would look on a red frontier...I'm not really wanting real heavy bumpers since I can't afford much of a drop in MPG overall.
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I live in a small town....takes a little over an hour to get to the yea...I haven't been able to find a shop that will fab me a bumper for I'm stuck with the very few options that's currently for the Frontier.
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