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HELP!!! Cabin filter tab broke

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Hi All - I need some help. I was removing the cabin filter to replace and the tab broke on the cover to where the filters are located. What do I do to fix?

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Where would I purchase the speed nut you have pictured? thanks
Well, just replaced my Cabin filter - Was it ever dirty! Now the air is blowing like crazy.. Anyway, I used a tie strap to close the door and it looks like it will hold fine.

By the way, Went to NAPA and purchased 2 NAPA gold cabin filters - $20 for 2 sets! That is unreal! All NAPA Gold filters are 40% off till the end of the month (Air, Cabin, Oil). What a deal!

On another note, you would think the dealer would have replaced the cabin filter. I purchased the truck used with 16K on it a month ago. Certified used and they said they did a 142 point inspection - I doubt that.. The cabin filter had pine needles, nuts and all kind of crap. They probably didn't even do the 15K service. Makes me mad...

Anyway - Go to NAPA and get those filters, great price.. Thanks guys and have a great weekend!
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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