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HELP!!! Cabin filter tab broke

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Hi All - I need some help. I was removing the cabin filter to replace and the tab broke on the cover to where the filters are located. What do I do to fix?

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These tabs are infamous for snapping off, although mine hasn't . . yet.
I'd just use a screw or duct tape as was mentioned.
On another note, you would think the dealer would have replaced the cabin filter. I purchased the truck used with 16K on it a month ago. Certified used and they said they did a 142 point inspection - I doubt that.. The cabin filter had pine needles, nuts and all kind of crap. They probably didn't even do the 15K service. Makes me mad...
My dealer didn't replace mine.
Bought my truck with 11,xxx miles on it and changed the filters at 19,xxx and they looked like this:
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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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