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Sooo long story short on my way to work yesterday antifreeze was found dripping onto my passenger side all weather floor mat. (Initially a small leak) Since then i decided to drive to work again today and back home it has subsequently dumped about 2 quarts worth of antifreeze. I've topped off my coolant in the mean time. I believe it is the Heater core or the hoses but i can't really see back up in there is there any tips to pulling the rights side of the dash off so i can take a peek. I don't want to tear it all off if i don't have to. I appreciate everyone's help in advance.

No trauma occurred prior to or during the initial identification of the coolant leak.

If i can't get this fixed quick enough i may just bypass the heater core from the engine bay as a temporary band-aid.

05 Nissan Frontier Automatic Crew Cab Short bed. 102,200 Miles

Image 1 is of AC Blower Motor

Image 2 is back-up shot of the passenger side

Image 3 is showing where the towing harness is located. Fluid running down near there

Image 4 is a close up of the only pipe i can barely see with a camera of the heater core.

Image 5 is the normally protected kick plate that was acting as a enclosed river dumping some of the fluid out from underneath the passenger side floormat


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