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I've registered here to become a little better informed about the Frontier

I've done a lot of research online and my choice for a new truck (I've never owned one before) basically came down to either the Tacoma or the Frontier. Definitely leaning towards the Frontier.

I'm looking at a crew cab but really don't know how much under the sticker price I should expect to pay. Being a Brit I'm a bit of a novice with the art of car buying in the USA! Any help would be appreciated.
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welcome to the forum. both the taco and fronty are a great truck. ofcourse i say get the
fronty, but im alittle bias :lol: check out this unbias link. k
Got my lovely new Fronty!!

It;s fantastic to drive and I love it already - just 1 day old now!!

Thanks to all on the forum for all the information that is here.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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