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Hi, I am new to any "forum" type of correspondance, but I have a Frontier...2001, and I love it. Best damn vehicle I have EVER owned. I bought her at 125,000km, and it's been 5 1/2 years of total reliability. She has just under 400,000km now, but still has ALOT left in the tank. I live in Ontario and travel alot to any 1 of our provincial parks to hike, 4x4, or camp. This Frontier has taken me everywhere, and only asks for it's most basic service. I'd be lying if I said it NEVER broke down...I did have a head gasket go, and timing chain, but those 2 things shoulda bin done at approx. 175, my bad!! Anyhow, I am on here to see if anyone else has loved a car/truck so much that they want to punch those people who have the bumper stickers that read "...out of a job yet?...keep buying imports" If "WE" her in North America could produce reliability...I'm in...but until then...the romance of mine will continue:)
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