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Hello World

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Hi- Im Chris, nice to be here, happy to meet you.

I am just your average geeky guy looking to expand into the 4x4 arena and get back to some weekend outdoor adventures. I've been doing some research and looks like the Frontier would be a good choice.

I'm hopping on the forum to use that search feature plus vehicles are fun in general.

I've had the pleasure of driving a 73 Chevy Van, 81 Chevy Custom Deluxe 10, 77 Mercury Cougar, 85 Chevy Double Cab Dually, 87 Chevy Double Cab Dually, 94 Chrysler Lebaron, 04 Silverado X-cab 2WD, Chevy Aveo, Mazda 3

My current two are listed in my signature.

So as you can see, I've been around some trucks but being in SoCal suburbs, I like being able to park and get good gas milage so I've headed toward smaller cars but am getting that mid sized truck itch...

I got the chance a few years back to do a 4x4 Yamaha Rhino tour in Hawaii and it was one of the best times. I remember a big ol' stupid grin on my face the whole time. I love camping and back-packing too. Have been to the top of Mt. Whitney, packed around Buckhorn/Switzer Falls, plus all over with the Scouts...
So the itch to be able to pack a few buddies, few ice chests, tents, and maybe haul a trailer too get off the beaten path is calling to me...

The Frontier is in the top of the running...
Looking at Frontier, Crew Cab, 4x4,
I kind of want the long bed but it doesn't come with the PRO-4X package,
Can a Yamaha Rhino, ATV, or my FZ6 fit into the back with the Standard Bed?
Would the LE package with 4x4 option and the Long Bed work better with just getting aftermarket upgrades to shocks, skid plates, and etc (etc being that I still need to do some research)
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welcome to CF.
welcome and enjoy
Welcome to the club.

A rhino, probably not - they are too wide. They might have trouble in a wider full size as well.

I've had the following large ATV's in the back of my truck:
500 Suzuki Vinson
550 Honda Rincon
500 H.O. Sportsman Polaris(heaviest)
550 efi grizzly Yamaha
I have the 6ft bed, they fit in the bed, but you can't lift the tail gate up all the way. Any shorter, and quad will be on your gate as well.

There are a few LE long bed's on the board with mods, Zedbra is one that comes to mind. Mine rocks, frontiers have big cabs, fit 4, load it up, lots of horse power...
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Welcome to the forum.
The long bed has a smoother ride too.

Welcome to Club Frontier.

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