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Hello with a 2003 4dr frontier

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Hello all, i've been searching across the internet for some help with my radio, I will post this when allowed. My frontier is starting to age and I'm looking for a good place to kick around ideas for modifications internal and external. Look forward to hearing from everyone!
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welcome, whats wrong with your radio?
My Radio

I was installing a new FM modulator and my radio has gone blank and the only button that works on the radio is the eject button, but only when the anttena is plugged in. I've verified all my connections and they are solid and I've checked the fuses multiple times. I've tried all kinds of stuff, and it seems dead. I was hoping someone might have an idea.
maybe an anti-theft device. i have no idea... maybe give nissan a call and ask. they might be able to enable it to work again.

my radio has always come in staticy... now the cd player doesn't work, but thats because of the dust/vibration it sees, i'm sure.
sounds to me like there is a grounding issue. there are 2 ways to ground your radio one is the ant plug which doesnt truely give enough to the radio but works in some installs its the shortcut method. I suggest figuring out which pin on the connector goes to ground and run another line to the chasis.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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