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First off, want to say thanks for all the excellent information. Pretty awesome advice and builds on here (super jealous).

Own a 2015 Frontier S 4wd CC (I like roll up windows and no power locks) plus the price difference was crazy. Although wish I could of got the Pro-4x for luggage rack. Was slightly under-water on the garbage forester I had.

Trucks pretty new still just hit 23k, best truck I ever owned, I love it. More so than the last unstoppable rig I owned with was a 98 ranger, ran that into the grave.

Thanks to the site, I put some mods on it, soft topper, which is amazing, and recently bought some 265/70r16 Hankook Dynapro ATM 117R D2 load range tires. I saw some excellent reviews on here, while I do some minor off roading, I am mainly travelling logging roads and forest service roads. I hunt and scout a lot so I am up there quite often. While the stock tires had tread, got tired of getting flats with them. I upped to an LT tire mainly just to be safe $143 at discount. I also tow and the D2 range seems like a solid range more inline with the stocks, since I think that max PSI is 50, will likely run them at 40 for driving and air down for trails. I based this on link posted on this site for determining air pressure for a new tires size, at cant get the full link since its on my phone and my email is working for some reason on it.

I am going to stick with the stock ride height, since I don't really need the extra clearance. Although I plan on adding the soft topper racks, if anyone has them how are they working for you?

Eventually will be adding more mods down the road as always.

I love mid-size trucks and for the towing and hauling I do, its perfect, there are benefits to full-size but up in the hills I like having the smaller rig to get around. Although I do hope the frontier diesel is out by then, than might be the only thing that gets me to swap before I run this one to the ground. Although when I buy another new in about 10 years, it will be with a long bed and the OEM luggage rack, wouldn't mind the sunroof either.

is this a good site for accessories that are Nissan, I know after-market ones can be better

PS already had the fuel neck issue with gas squirting out, dealer fixed under warranty hasn't been an issue since.
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