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Hello! Need some help with a purchase,

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Hey guys! Glad to be aboard.

Ok, so this week I am going to be buying a Frontier as a 2nd vehicle. I want pre-owned, crew cab, Nismo, and 4x4. I plan to off road, camp, carry my girl and our 3 dogs, and maybe eventually tow a ski boat or jet skis. Below is the vehicle I am almost positively going to buy. Can I get opinions?

I am worried because it does not have the tow package, no Rockford sound system (although I would probably scrap it anyways because I want Sat Radio), and I thought all of the upgraded cloths seats were that blue color?? I want to make sure it is the upgraded cloth that is resistant to dog hair and dirt and such. What do you all think? Thanks!!!

2005 Nissan Frontier SE Crew Cab 4WD

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80k miles for just under 16k?
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