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Hey hey! ... New member since yesterday, and Frontier owner since Friday (6 Dec) from Victoria, BC. Her name is "Nicky".


Picked up a 2010 Fronty SE - Crew Cab with the six foot box @45,000 KM (!!!), and couldn't be happier! Within three hours of getting the truck off the lot, we were packed up, and on the boat to the mainland to head to Whistler for a backcountry ski safety course. My wife/copilot was a bit shocked by the purchase of "a massive man truck", but seems to have warmed :)

I weighed and test drove many other options ... Tacomas (AKA sausage with a V6) would have cost me ~2x as much, had 2x the mileage (at least) and been in worse shape, Outbacks/Foresters) made me feel like I was ~72 years old, Wranglers (AKA balloon with a V6) were quickly dismissed, likewise F150s (AKA movie theatre with a V6). Briefly considered a Ridgeline (too weird), Ranger (too new - Despite being proven down-under), Etc.! I'm coming off of a 2009 Altima Coupe (off-loaded because of looming CVT troubles), but generally trust the Nissan brand (even if my local dealer/service are complete shiesters).

I'm aware of the 2010 is the "transmission coolant / rad fluid strawberry milkshake" issue with the (2007 to) 2010 models but plan to have that looked into, nigh replaced, proactively. Any advice (which part, when, whom, how [DIY???]) would be much appreciated.

Somewhere around the house / in the post (waiting to be put on this weekend) are the following ...

  • Sylvania SilverStar Ultra headlight bulbs
  • Thule Xsporter XT422 adjustable rack (for ocean kayaks)
  • DIY bed side rack for Thule long box (skis winter, paddles etc. summer) & basket misc gear in summer.
  • Rough Country 2.5" lift / levelling kit
  • Sony XAV-AX300 head-unit
  • Stormtrooper hula doll
Future projects / ideas ...
  • AT tires (@OEM sizing)
  • Leveraging the amazing Utilitrack rails for other storage / hauling solutions ...
-- This interferes with the XSporter, so I'll need to see if I can stand it out around the Thule feet (etc.), or eventually replace the XSporter altogether.
- Back-up camera ...
-- Yeah, so it's a bit bigger than the Altima!
- Light bar & lights ...
-- Fog / Snow >> Wide Bar >> Bed Spots >> Side Spots
- Camping / Stopping Comforts
-- Awning & Shower

Thanks for setting up this resource ... See you in the forums, or on the road!

Sam in Victoria

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Nice massive man truck! Sounds like it made her tingle a bit. Nice.

Do a search here for SMOD mods, and also consider the axle vent mod, too.

Have fun lettin' the woman manhandle that massive man truck.

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