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Hey folks,
my first Nissan after having Toyota's for a number of years. Looks like a great forum with lots of info.
thanks in advance for the help

Been reading as much info as I could over the past week. Just bought a 2005 4x4 Auto 4door short box Frontier today. Its an US import with 130miles, 4door (believe thats a US crew cab?) Was pleased to see previous owner had done the RAD/Tran delete already, but does not have an addition aftermarket cooler yet. Also it has the low pressure at idle issue, which seems to very from "thats normal" to "don't drive it". The previous owner thought it was the pressure sensor. It also needs an oil change so i'm going to start there, I have ordered a switch off ebay. I got a K&N filter as some said that could fix it, or should I stick with OEM Nissan filter? Also oil wise I grabbed 5-40 synthetic, wise or am I asking for trouble? If these don't work then sounds like it could be the rear Timing chain cover gasket at which point its a bigger job?

I should probably ask these in the tech so I'll go there. thanks though
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