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Hello from the GTA

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Hi All. I've read here before but now I need some help, haha. I've got an '08 Frontier, CC long box and prior to this an '02 xterra, both MT. I've loved both but am seeing lots of issues with my latest version. Hoping to get some help and also add some value here.
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On my Xterra, almost nothing ever broke or went wrong with it. I once damaged an axle seal myself and was able to replace it for $22 in 45 minutes. My Frontier, however, has needed new front bearings a pinion seal (did that one myself) and now the axle seals. The axles themselves won't come out of the diff housing. I even had a shop try for 3 hours. Now I need a replacement M226, but I can't find one anyewhere near Toronto. Is there another option out there other than this axle? Or a better way to search for one? I'm call all the usual scrap yards and parts suppliers. Nissan wants $3600 for a new one, but must be prepaid, no return and there isn't currently one in the country I'm told.
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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