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Hi Everyone! I have a black 2017 Frontier Crew SV 4x4 with the SV Truck Package. I'm looking to do some mods to my truck but having a hard time finding parts....

Things that I would like to do are as follows and not in any certain order...

Front and rear bumpers
Black grill
Black housing headlights
Lift kit
Blacked out emblems (without painting mine)
Roof rack w/ light bar
Wheels and tires

I also have a couple of questions... since my truck is so new, I can't find a lot for 2017 models. Will a 2016 grill and headlights fit my truck?

Please let me know of any good websites to get some parts for my truck!


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It always takes awhile for the aftermarket to include the newer model years as compatible. And, be forewarned that Frontiers do not receive the same high levels of aftermarket support as Tacos & Jeeps/etc... Mod away!

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Welcome to Club Frontier from another Tennessean. What part of the state do you live in? Maryville here
My truck has been very modified so I can help you with places to shop for after market items. Be aware that there are not a ton of places to go.

First ......Yes the items listed for the 2016 will fit your 2017

What type of mods are you specifically looking for? Lifted and looking cool around town? Mild off-road? More serious off-road?

Your questions and some ideas on where to look. Drop me a PM if you want for more answers, etc. Hope that this helps

Front and rear bumpers HeftyFab and Shrockworks .... another newer one that I am not familiar with is WAM

Black grill Check a couple of the site sponsors - 1A Auto Parts / CARID / Auto Anything

Black housing headlights I do not know any sources for these

Lift kit Several ranging from EBay to more mainstream like; Nisstec Lifts (great source for many things Nissan suspension) / PRG / Rugged Rocks
And read this thread topic

Blacked out emblems (without painting mine) Check EBay .... But folks here paint their own emblems .... lots of emblems "blacked out" with Plati-Dip

Roof rack w/ light barYou can get a knock off look alike Frontier crew cab roof rack on EBay - The light bars are everywhere on the interweb .... brackets for a Nissan are a different story - I suggest posting this question on the forums

Wheels and tires There are limited wheels that fit our trucks. Discount Tire is a great source to check ... Discount Tire is always quick to answer questions here ... one of the guys is a Frontier owner!
And check out this thread topic
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