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Hello from Tallahassee, FL

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Hello, my name is Will and I am from Indianapolis, IN. I currently live in Tallahassee, FL and I'm looking for a new daily driver. I've been stuck between a 2003-2004 Frontier XE/LB/Crew Cab or Toyota Tacoma Crew Cab. I figured what better way to make a decision than to join the forums and do a little research.

I currently drive this......

Kooks long tubes, Corsa Catback, Avic Z-3 and some other goodies. Since these pictures have been taken, my car is now spoiler-less with a blacked out trunk insert.

Right now the car has a hitch for whenever I want to transport these.........

I just graduated from Florida State University and I'm in a position to finally be able to afford 2 cars. I'm also trying to keep the miles off the car and not drive it as much and maybe have something a little more practical for hauling.

I look forward to learning from you folks,

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Welcome to the club!
You want a 4 banger or a V6?
I think I am going the V-6 route. I have a box trailer too that I pull every now and then plus I do a lot of driving. I think the V-6 would make the long hauls a little more comfortable.
Nice goat!

I'm also a fellow downhiller. Rockin a SantaCruz Bullit with a 888.

If you decide on a Frontier, welcome to the club man.
Welcome to the club.

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